What is Your Jewellery Style?

What Is Your Jewellery Style?

Sometimes it can be a difficult decision to choose a piece of jewellery, either for ourselves or, especially, for a gift for someone we know.


Wouldn’t it be fabulous to know just what ‘style’ of jewellery to go for? 


Because, according to style consultants, there are styles of jewellery in much the same way that there are styles of fashion and knowing what style we inherently fall into, really helps to zone in on the correct jewellery that suits our personality and features.  


It has a very subtle, but very powerful, effect.   Not only does it look great but it simplifies the process on deciding on which piece of jewellery to buy when we can eliminate a whole selection of choices from the process. 

Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Pendant
Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Pendant
Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Drop Earrings
Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Drop Earrings

Knowing What Jewellery Suits You

I have wondered about this since we took a Colour Analysis and Style Analysis with  The House of Colour.  The class was very detailed and very helpful – freeing almost.  I became absolutely fascinated with the process and the effect it had.


As a result, the styles I have outlined below, are based around The House of Colour’s Style classification and other guides I’ve read about over the years. 


Bear in mind that I am not trained with The House of Colour or any other style consultants, it’s what I’ve picked up from my interest and further reading.  If you are interested, do take expert advice or have a Colour and Style Analysis done. 


The House of Colour does have more styles than the five I’ve listed below. 


I have condensed them to what I feel are most important in choosing and buying jewellery. 

Cool Or Warm Tones?

As a starting point, just knowing if your skin tone is a warm or a cool shade helps enormously.


Warm shades are more suited to gold or rose gold (this can be gold vermeil to keep costs down). 


Cool skin tones suit silver and white gold, platinum or palladium.


Consider choosing warm-toned stones if you have warm-toned skin – browns, cream rather than white, warm greens, pinks could be coral, orange – all the colours with warmer hues. 


Choose cooler, crisper colours if you have cool-toned skin – pink, white, cool blues and bright, crisp greens. 

What Type of Person Are You?

Even with no Style Class to go to you can still fare well in working out which style you are. 


There are plenty of online quizzes and this book by David Zyla is very helpful (although you may be surprised to find that there is no colour in it!).   Check out his Pinterest page for examples of the colours. 


Consider the styles that you have been wearing when people have complimented you (even if they are not specifically mentioning the clothes or jewellery that you are wearing). 


The effect of wearing the correct colours and style is not glaringly obvious but will help you look generally brighter and uplifted. 


Indeed, when I had my Colour Analysis done I remember thinking “I can’t wear that colour!” when I was shown the best colours for me – bearing in mind that I am a ‘Deep Autumn’ so not exactly bright, showy colours!  I felt too conspicuous … like I would be showing off!  It’s actually quite sad and it made me realise, and notice, how many of us may subconsciously ‘hide’ behind blocks of black colours.


I actually believe now it’s allowing yourself to ‘shine’ a little bit.  

The Styles

The styles are:








It is important to remember that we rarely fall into just one style.  We are often a mixture of two styles but there will be one which predominates. 

The Romantic Style

Silver Diamonfire Tennis Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia's
Silver Diamonfire Tennis Bracelet
Diamonfire Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace
Diamonfire Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace
Diamonfire Graduated Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings
Diamonfire Graduated Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings

Someone who falls into a Romantic style is sexy, glamourous and ‘grown-up’. 


Think Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor.  It can be an exaggerated look like a Disney Princess or in an understated way like Audrey Hepburn.


There is a sexy elegance about the Romantic style, a glamour.  Liz Taylor is a perfect example of this.


It is also a ‘less is more’ look with a simple diamond or cubic zirconia pendant or more extravagant with big, sparkling jewels.  But sparkly all the same.


The lines in the design are soft, rounded and smooth, therefore it doesn’t include jewellery with hard or sharp lines.


Pearls are a great choice for the ‘Romantic’ lady.  From the more traditional stud or drop pearl earrings to a single, freshwater pearl pendant.


Anything sparkly also suits the romantic style. The Diamonfire collection is a very ‘romantic’ style.

Silver stud earrings with blue central cubic zirconia, surrounded by a circle of sparkling white circonias
Diamonfire Pale Blue Cluster Stud Earrings
Diamonfire White Shell Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Pendant
Diamonfire White Shell Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Pendant
Diamonfire White Shell Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Earrings
Diamonfire White Shell Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Earrings

The Classic Style

A description of the Classic style is timeless, smart, slightly more formal – although on this type it looks just right for any occasion. 


A famous person who would perhaps fall into the Classic style would be the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.  She could wear a smart dress or a skirt with a shirt even to casual occasions and she would look great. 


On another style “type” the outfit would appear too formal and ‘forced’.

Less is more.

Blue Cluster Stud Earrings
Blue Cluster Stud Earrings
blue oval cz pendant surrounded by white cz stones
Blue Oval Cluster Pendant

Ingenue Style

This style is very girly and youthful.  When we say youthful we don’t mean a person’s actual age.


Just as the Romantic style is glamorous and grown-up, there is something about the Ingenue that is dainty, innocent, unsophisticated.


Ingenue’s are sweet, endearing, shy almost. 


Famous ingenue examples could be Sandie from the film Grease, Meg Ryan, Darcy Bussell.  Like the Romantic style, they can have a ‘Disney Princess’ look about them too, but it will be the more ‘innocent’ and unsophisticated princesses!


They suit clothes with fitted, nipped-in waist – think fit and flare style dresses – with little, fitted cardigans. 


Suitable jewellery for an Ingenue are fine chains and necklaces, often layering jewellery looks great on this type. Nothing too dramatic.  Stacking rings and fine chains are perfect for this type. 


In the same way,  patterns should be small (no great big, bold prints but dainty small prints, like little flower patterns).  Dainty flowers and nature-themes suit them.  Little hairpieces. Delicate, small pieces like our Hot Diamonds range suit this type well. 


They suit natural hair or soft curls. Nothing too coiffured. The elfin look is also good for this type.


For a really special occasion where you really want to up the style factor you can, but keep it small and dainty. 

Hot Diamonds Gentle Pendant with White Topaz and Diamond
Hot Diamonds Gentle Pendant
Silver Organic Outline two open circular shapes drop earrings
Silver Organic Outline Drop Earrings
hammered silver open organic necklace
Hammered Silver Organic Open Necklace

The Natural Style

A person who has a Natural style is quite relaxed, bohemian, quirky and alternative.  Think Elle MacPherson.


It can even be someone who is sporty.


Someone who falls into the ‘Natural’ style feels quite comfortable in their own skin and dresses in a relaxed, casual look. 


Long, flowing lines, textured clothing, patterned clothes, loose touselled hair, bare feet even.  Nature prints, like leaves, flowers, insects and shells.


Hoop earrings,  dangly earrings and ankle chains are perfect for this type. 


A ‘Natural’s’ jewellery is likely to be slightly funky, maybe semi-precious stones and gems. 


Again it may be with patterns of leaves and flowers.  


Hair ornaments easily fall into this type but will be in a relaxed, slightly haphazard style. 

Silver Anklet with Angel Wing Charm
Silver Anklet with Angel Wing Charm
trollbeads fantasy necklace with fairy
Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace with Fairy
Silver Feather Hoop Earrings
Silver Feather Hoop Earrings

The Dramatic Style

The person whose main style is Dramatic will feel and act their best in bold, bright blocks or sections of colours and black and white. 


They suit angular and sharp styles of fashion.  Bold and striking. 


This style is about statement dressing.


Think Victoria Beckham. Or previous UK Prime Minister Teresa May (remember the chunky necklaces she wears?). 


For instance chunky bangles and torques, unusual necklaces with strong lines and shapes.  The lines are not soft, but strong and bold and angular.

Silver necklace in cut out pebble shapes
Silver Cut Out Pebbles Necklace
silver abstract triangle drop earrings
Silver Abstract Triangle Drop Earrings
Silver and rose gold open shapes necklace
Silver & Rose-Gold Open Shapes Necklace

We hope this has given you food for thought and we’d love to hear your feedback or experiences with wearing a particular style of jewellery. 


Or try some things out and let us know. 


We will endeavour to. keep adding pieces to this page to give our customers plenty of inspiration. 


House of Colour for Colour Analysis or Style Classes. 

Another great source of information for Colour Analysis and Style is by David Zyla

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