What is a Trilogy Ring?

Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy ring

You may have heard the term “trilogy engagement ring” bandied about and wondered what a trilogy ring actually is. And why are trilogy rings used so often as engagement rings? 

Well, the answer is in the meaning. A trilogy ring symbolises the past, the present and the future. Which is incredibly romantic, hence the reason why a three-stone ring is so often purchased to signify an engagement. 

What Is The Meaning of a Trilogy Ring?

As well as the “past, present and future”, the three stones can mean anything you want it to, for instance ‘to love, honour and cherish’, or ‘me, you and us’. Some customers buy a trilogy ring signifying their three children. 

As jewellers, we regularly serve customers with many styles of rings but a trilogy ring can be so varied that we thought we needed a dedicated blog post to showcase some of the nicest styles available. 

White gold trilogy ring with diamonds
White Gold and Diamond Trilogy Ring

What Does a Trilogy Ring Look Like?

With three precious stones set in the centre of a band, traditionally these were three gemstones of equal size. However, a popular design is if the central stone is larger than the two precious stones on either side, with the central stone being the “star” of the ring. 

All three stones could be diamonds, or the central stone a precious stone of your choice with a diamond either side, which is particularly effective.

The Cut of the Stones

The most purchased shape of each precious stone in a trilogy ring is a round, brilliant-cut stone, often diamonds. 

Modern designs mean that designers have been keen to expand on the trilogy ring and quite often a striking look is a central round stone, showcased between two princess or baguette-cut precious stones, or three oval stones – anything is possible. 

Yellow Gold and Diamond Trilogy ring with two pear shaped diamonds
Gold & Diamond Trilogy Ring

Precious Stones in Trilogy Ring

You are not limited to using just diamonds in your trilogy ring. A contrasting central colour looks very effective.

Which are the Best Trilogy Rings?

There are so many variations on a trilogy ring and it’s wonderful to see the different designs. Different sizes of precious stones, various shapes and cuts, contrasting colours or all the same – anything goes! There is no “best” with regards to the design of the ring. There are obviously better combinations of the Four C’s – the cut, clarity, carat and colour of the gemstones. This is what will make a ring a “better” choice compared to another.

We suggest looking at lots of designs and going for one which you love the style of. It’s always important to try on rings – one of the joys in selling rings is to see peoples face when they try on a ring they wouldn’t have considered which looks fabulous on. The look of joy and surprise on a customer’s face is wonderful when they just fall in love with a ring.

White Gold and Diamond Trilogy Ring
White Gold and Diamond Cross-Over Trilogy Ring
What is a Trilogy Ring?
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What is a Trilogy Ring?
Why do people chose Trilogy rings and what do they symbolise?
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