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The Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet. A Trollbeads UK Exclusive!

by Carathea

The Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet

We are very excited to tell you about a UK exclusive from Trollbeads with the introduction of the Trollbeads True Radiance bracelet – a new, sterling silver bracelet which is very, very shiny!!

For the first time EVER, Trollbeads have released a silver Foxtail bracelet WITHOUT the usual oxidation.  This means that the bracelet is exactly like their beautiful current bracelet only the new True Radiance bracelet is shiny and bright, and does not have the slightly blackened, oxidised look of the usual Trollbeads bracelet.

Trollbeads introduced a Polished Silver Fantasy Pendant a few years ago, in one size (90cm), which has proved to be popular with our customers.  This new bracelet will look fabulous alongside it. 

A Beautiful, Silver Non-Oxidised Bracelet

Made in Sterling Silver, as is their current bracelet, the True Radiance bracelet is only available in the lengths 16cm, 17cm and 18cm (with a lock, which measures the usual 2 cm long,  this means that the bracelets will actually measure 18cm, 19cm and 20cm in length). 

Trollbeads have included a polished (unoxidised) Plain Lock to go with the bracelet, thereby completing the bright and shiny look beautifully. 

The bracelet and lock are being sold as a set for £79, available to purchase here.

Trollbeads True Radiance Debut Bracelet
True Radiance Bracelet (Bracelet & Lock) £79

Whilst we have been told that the price of the bracelet and lock is £79 initially, Trollbeads have reserved the right to change the price at a later date.  Therefore we are not sure how long the bracelet will remain at this price or, if indeed, the bracelet will become a permanent feature in the collection at all!  The Trollbeads team have always resisted the polished silver look and we are not convinced that the True Radiance bracelet will remain in the collection long-term. 

The bracelet is apparently a test in the market and we have been told by Trollbeads that the test will have a limited run.  Again, we have not been told how long the test run will be.

Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet with beads
True Radiance bracelet with beads

But how does it look?

Having voiced my opinion for so many years about wanting a polished silver bracelet in the range, I must hold my head in shame and admit that, at first, I was taken aback by the “shininess” of the True Radiance bracelet, and I wondered if I really actually liked it! 

We were shown the bracelet at a Trade Show, alongside all the usual Trollbeads collection which, of course, are crafted in oxidised silver. The True Radiance bracelet seemed, well, just … too bright, almost “stripped”! 

But, having received our stocks in the shop and having had a play (as you always must do with Trollbeads!), we DO like it.  Very, very much. 

The bracelet is clean and bright and looks fabulous worn on its own with no beads at all.  We think the non-oxidised foxtail chain shows off the beauty of the design of the chain much better than the oxidised chain. It is such a beautiful chain in its own right, why not show it off?

It seems rather a shame to cover it up with beads, however beautiful the beads are (and, as we all know, Trollbeads really are stunningly beautiful). 

We think this may be a bracelet which will purposely never get filled completely.  

It looks lovely, as shown here, with delicate pearls in the image above but it also looks striking and very effective with deep, sultry colours mixed with brighter ones – as with the black and white bracelet pictured below. 

If you are not sure about the True Radiance bracelet, I would urge you to find a nearby stockist and try it on.  It looks fantastic on!  Really beautiful.


What do we think, at Jools?

We are SO excited about this new introduction by Trollbeads at Jools and it is something we have been requesting for, quite literally, years.

I believe this bracelet is much more suited to the UK market than the oxidised one – we like our shiny, polished silver.  

We think customers may not want to fill this bracelet completely.  As we have already mentioned, it lends itself to being partly filled in order to show off the beauty of the chain.  Or it will be worn on it’s own.  

Surely this bracelet has to be followed by a non-oxidised necklace?  We believe that a necklace will be even more popular than a bracelet.


Oxidised or Non-Oxidised

A “shiny” look bracelet and necklace in the Trollbeads range has been one of the most requested things from our customers over the years. It has also been one of the subjects we have been most vociferous about when passing on feedback to Trollbeads Head Office.

This opinion from our customers was voiced much more so when we used to sell Pandora in the shop alongside Trollbeads. It was something our customers took into consideration when choosing which brand to opt for – it obviously affected the appearance of the whole bracelet on their wrist.  Our customers always fell in love with the Trollbeads Italian glass beads and were amazed at the beauty and intricacy in the glass Trollbeads compared to the Pandora glass beads.  But many, many customers preferred the more polished, “shiny” silver of Pandora compared to the oxidised look of Trollbeads.

We know that the oxidised appearance of Trollbeads put many potential customers off and they veered towards Pandora (often only to return to collect Trollbeads at a later date, we hasten to add – this will be the subject of another Blog post to come).  

We believe that the non-oxidised, polished silver look is much more a UK-market led preference.  As more and more non-UK brands have been introduced into the UK market, the acceptance of oxidised silver has been gradual but it is apparent now, where this was less so a few years ago. 

We now understand the reasoning behind the oxidation of the silver bracelets and beads by Trollbeads.  One day, during a meeting Denise had with the people at Trollbeads Head Office after mentioning (again!) how we really wanted some polished, non-oxidised silver options in the collection, it was explained to us that the reason the chains and many beads are oxidised is because Trollbeads creator, Lise Aagaard, designed Trollbeads in this way as she wants the Trollbeads bracelet and beads look exactly the same in 20 years time as they did on the day they were bought.


How fantastic! 

I remember, on being told this, it completely stopped me in my tracks!  How wonderful! And how consistent of Trollbeads – they positively ooze added-value and integrity as a brand, it’s something we’ve always loved about them and the Trollbeads brand.  This was just another example of it. 

This was a complete revelation to us and we can vouch for the fact that the collection really does stand the test of time. 

Denise once found a Trollbeads bracelet she had lost a few years earlier, lying forlornly in a plant pot, partly submerged in the compost.  She fished it out, cleaned it off and was pleasantly surprised to see that it did, indeed, look as good as new.  She made a point of laying it alongside a new bracelet and you would never have known the difference.  After years of being covered in compost and being watered along with the pot plant!

We feel that this is a quality of Trollbeads that deserves to be shouted from the rooftops.  The quality is second to none. 

Where can you buy a True Radiance Bracelet?

These new True Radiance bracelets, launched on the 6th October 2017, are not going to be available to buy online at all – not even directly from Trollbeads, we are told – and we are not allowed to sell them online on our website. We can only sell them in our shop.

Whilst we are allowed tell you about the True Radiance bracelet on our Social Media channels (you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) and by email. 

If you would like a bracelet but will struggle to get into the shop please do contact us on enquiries@joolsjewellery.co.uk or phone 01278 433233 and we will try to ensure you can purchase one.  We do have limited stocks though, and we anticipate them being popular. 

We would love to know what you think of the new True Radiance bracelet. Do you think it is a great, and much overdue, addition to the Trollbeads range or do you think that Trollbeads are veering off into an area which is not true to their design-led and slightly funky style?

Please do join in the conversation and let us know in the comments below. 


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Dotuk1 February 23, 2018 - 9:12 pm

Great blog post and useful!

Jools Jewellery February 23, 2018 - 10:59 pm

Thank you so much. I’m delighted you enjoyed it. 🙂


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