The Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet. A Trollbeads UK Exclusive!

The Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet

We are very excited to tell you about a UK exclusive from Trollbeads with the introduction of the Trollbeads True Radiance bracelet – a new, sterling silver bracelet which is very, very shiny!!

For the first time EVER, Trollbeads have released a silver Foxtail bracelet WITHOUT the usual oxidation! 

This means that the bracelet is exactly like their beautiful current bracelet, only the new True Radiance bracelet is shiny and bright, and does not have the slightly blackened, oxidised look of the usual Trollbeads bracelet.

Trollbeads introduced a Polished Silver Fantasy Pendant a few years ago, which has proved to be popular with our customers. The pendant was Trollbeads first non-oxidised piece. 

This new bracelet will look fabulous alongside it. 

Trollbeads True Radiance Debut Bracelet
True Radiance Bracelet (Bracelet & Lock) £79

Non-Oxidised Silver Bracelet

Made in 925 Sterling Silver, as is their current bracelet, the Trollbeads True Radiance bracelet is only available in the lengths 16cm, 17cm and 18cm. 

The bracelet comes with a polished silver lock, which measures 2 cm long.  This means that the three sizes of bracelets (with lock) will actually measure 18cm, 19cm and 20cm in length. 

Trollbeads have included a polished (unoxidised) Plain Lock to go with the bracelet, thereby completing the bright and shiny look beautifully. 

The bracelet and lock are being sold as a set for £79, available to purchase here.

Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet with beads
True Radiance bracelet with beads

The Trollbeads team have always resisted the polished silver look and we are not convinced that the True Radiance bracelet will remain in the collection long-term. 

We believe it is a lovely addition to the collection and a lovely bracelet if you don’t want to fill it with beads.

But How Does It Look?

Having voiced my opinion for so many years about wanting a polished silver bracelet in the range, I must hold my head in shame and admit that, at first, I was taken aback by the “shininess” of the True Radiance bracelet, and I wondered if I really actually liked it! 

We were shown the bracelet at a Trade Show, alongside all the usual Trollbeads collection which, of course, are crafted in oxidised silver. The True Radiance bracelet seemed, well, just too … bright

But, having received our stocks in the shop and having had a play (as you always must do with Trollbeads!), we DO like it.  Very, very much. 

The bracelet is clean and bright and looks fabulous worn on its own with few or no beads at all.  It also looks amazing next to the oxidised foxtail bracelet.  

We have also tried twisting two chains together, one oxidised and one polished, with a beautiful silver bead in the middle, with both bracelets sharing one lock.  It looked stunning. 

It looks lovely, as shown here, with delicate pearls in the image above but it also looks striking and very effective with deep, sultry colours mixed with brighter ones – as with the black and white bracelet pictured below. 

If you are not sure about the True Radiance bracelet, I would urge you to find a nearby stockist and try it on, with and without beads.  

Why Do Trollbeads Oxidise The Silver?

Just why do Trollbeads love their silver pieces oxidised? 

It was explained to me once that Lise Aagaard, the Trollbeads creator, designed the silver Trollbeads to be oxidised as she wants the customers’ Trollbeads bracelet and beads to look exactly the same in 20 years time as they did on the day they were bought.

It totally stopped us in our tracks and tells you everything about this brand. 

They are passionate about what they do and want you to feel just as delighted with your purchase in 20 years time as you do now. 

What do we think? Oxidised or Non-Oxidised?

I initially believed this bracelet to be more suited to the UK market than the oxidised one – we like our shiny, polished silver in the United Kingdom. 

When we used to sell Pandora in our shop, as well as Trollbeads, most potential customers fell in love with the exquisite workmanship that went into the glass Trollbeads.   

However,  if customers opted for Pandora over Trollbeads it was often because they preferred the polished silver of the Pandora. 

Because of this, we thought the True Radiance bracelet would solve this dilemma.

But actually, we have found that those that love Trollbeads tell us that the True Radiance bracelet just isn’t “Trollbeads”.  They are so used to the oxidised bracelet that they can’t get used to the non-oxidised version. 

We are hoping that a polished, non-oxidised silver necklace will be introduced, but it hasn’t arrived yet. 

Do let us know what you think of the Trollbeads True Radiance bracelet.  We’d love to hear your feedback.

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