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Trollbeads Day 2015

by Carathea
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Trollbeads Day 2015

What a day it was!

On Saturday 6th June we were allowed to show off a fantastic new Trollbead to very happy customers, it was a day enjoyed by all!

All of us here at Jools could not wait for 9 o’clock Saturday morning so we could finally unveil our Trollbeads package with the new arrivals, to our customers!!

We were given a few little clues on the bbuild-up to the day and there was a lot of interest on social media so our Trollbeads fans were waiting in anticipation of what the bead would look like!

As well as the amazing limited edition beads, Trollbeads brought out a bangle bundle, a bracelet bundle and new polished silver necklace offer.

Everyone was delighted with the design of the bead.  Last year’s bead was a little bit hit and miss but this year’s bead was loved by everyone who saw it.

Trollbeads had given some clues beforehand, across social media, mentioning deep green trees in the forest. Therefore the design was a little different to what we had envisaged; we thought the bead would be a deep green, like an emerald. However, we were pleasantly surprised with what we saw!

A perfect bead for summer, the design in faceted glass in light greens with soft tones of white and lilac running through, with patches of green in different shades. Of course, each bead was just a little bit different to the next (this is what makes them so unique!). Some had darker shades of green and others had lighter, or both! Some even had a trickle of light blue flowing through!

We knew it would be a huge success.


With the bead being very limited and only a few thousand being released into the UK, they sold like hot cakes on the Trollbeads Day itself. The shop was full and our social media pages were a buzz throughout the day! Unfortunately, we knew some people wouldn’t be able to make the bead launch on Saturday, so we made sure we kept updating our Facebook and Twitter pages with pictures and information on the bead to make sure everyone was included with this new release!


As well as the bead, a big attraction through out the day was our ‘Trollbeads Jewellery Box’ competition! This proved to be very popular with all of our Trollbeads fans. The competition was easy to enter, and we had a lot of entries all day (we have a lot of Trollbeads fans.) All that is needed to be in with a chance to win the limited edition jewellery box, is your name, email, date of birth (optional) and the answer to a simple question:

When was the first Trollbeads brought to life? a) 1976 b) 1982 or c) 1986?

If you looked around the shop you would have seen the answer to the question or you may have known the answer from being a fan! Remember we will announce our winner on our Facebook page very soon so, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to enter!

We wonder who the winner will be…


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