The Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand Keyring on silk background

The Hamsa Hand symbol is something you may have seen appearing more frequently in recent years. It seems to have gained in popularity amongst celebrities and young audiences.

But what is the Hamsa Hand? You may have wondered what, if any, religious connotations it has.

In this blog post, we attempt to tell you what it is, what it means and show how anyone can wear it, whatever your faith and the beautiful, heartfelt meaning it holds.

What Is The Hamsa Hand?

Gold Hamsa Hand pendant with cz stones and open heart shape in the centre
Gold Hamsa Hand Pendant with CZ's and Open Heart

The Hamsa is a symbol which has, for centuries, spanned many faiths. It symbolises good fortune and abundance along with protection against evil.

The symbol is not connected with any particular religions but has meaning in many of them.

What a Hamsa Hand Looks Like

The amulet features an open hand, usually the right hand, and is often called “The Hand of God”.

Its Different Spellings and Names

Gold Openwork Hamsa Hand Pendant
Gold Openwork Hamsa Hand Pendant

The symbol is known by a few names including Hamsa, Hamesh and Khamsa.  It is also known as the Hand of Fatima. 

The Origins of The Hamsa Hand

Some believed it to have originated in the Middle East. Having said that, early cave drawings featuring the Hamsa Hand have been found in France, Spain and Algeria.

white gold necklace with hamsa hand, evil eye and circle symbols set with diamonds
White Gold and Diamond Necklace with Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye and Circle

Its Meaning Across Different Faiths

Whilst the hand spans many cultures and religions, the meanings are the same, namely good fortune and protection.


In Hebrew the number Five is called Hamesh. The fifth letter of the alphabet is “hey” which is a holy name for God.


In Islam it is referred to the Hand of Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed and represents the Five Pillars of Islam.


In Christianity, the hand is thought of as being the hand of Mary.


In Judaism, I think it to be the Hand of Miriam. The five fingers represent the five books of the Torah.


In Buddhism, it represents the five Chakras and the five mudras.

Two Designs

There are often two styles of the Hamsa Hand.

One style is an open hand which looks like a regular hand, the other style features an open hand with two, symmetrical thumbs.

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is often included in the design, in the centre of the palm, and is said to ward off evil thoughts and intentions from others.

Gold Hamsa Hand Pendant with CZ and Blue CZ Evil Eye
Gold Hamsa Hand Pendant with CZ's

Hand Facing Up or Hand Facing Down

Sometime the hand faces down and sometimes it faces up.

If it faces down it is said to bring you good fortune and abundance. If the hand faces up, with the Evil Eye on display, it is believed to ward off bad vibes from others.

Hamsa Hand Jewellery

Due to the beautiful meaning of this amulet and the way it reaches across many cultures and religions, it is a perfect symbol to incorporate into jewellery. This way it can be carried and worn at all times or in times of need.

There are some stunning pieces of jewellery which use the Hamsa Hand in the design.

The Evil Eye in some Hamsa Hand designs, lend themselves well to incorporating precious stones, particularly in the place of the Evil Eye.

Celebrities Wearing the Hamsa

Many celebrities have added to the popular appeal of the Hamsa.

The recent interest in the Kabbalah religion by stars such as Madonna and Demi Moore, have added to the interest in wearing this symbol. They have both been seen wearing the Hamsa hand in their jewellery.

This has added to the trend in jewellery with this symbol.

Pair of small silver stud earring of the Hamsa Hand set with a CZ in the centre of the open palm
Silver CZ Hamsa Hand Stud Earrings


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