The Best Earring Backs – No More Lost Earrings!

lady wearing lox earring backs in ear

Are you fed up with repeatedly losing an earring where a back has come off without you noticing? It’s happened to all of us and it always seems to happen to a favourite pair of earrings!

I remember it happening to me, I didn’t realise I’d lost the earring until I got ready for bed that night and one was missing. I mentally traced it back to when I must have put my coat on before alighting a train after a long journey. I still think about those earrings today! Does this sound melodramatic? Probably, but I bet you know how it feels.

So, how do you keep earring backs from coming off? Well, it’s tricky with normal butterfly backs as they are designed to widen to accommodate wider posts on earrings. But you can now buy secure earring backs, which are easy to put on and are also very easy to remove. But I can only confidently say this in the last few years since a few, special earring backs have come on the market.

In our opinion, these are THE BEST earring backs out there.  

So, What Are The Best Earring Backs?

If you have seen our mammoth blog post on the different earring backs available, you will see us talk about two of the best earring backs in particular, LOX and Chrysmela earring backs.  We think every woman should own a pair of either of these extra-secure earring backs. 

Why You Should Invest In A Pair Of These Earring Backs

If you add up the value of the cost of all the replacement earring backs and lost earrings over the years, you could have paid for a pair of LOX or Chrysmela earring backs a number of times over (at the time of writing LOX cost approximately £9 and Chrysmela are approximately £55 per pair). 

Add to that the huge disappointment in losing a much-loved earring and the time, trouble and stress of trying to find it or replace it, we believe either of these two earring backs below will solve all these problems.  

Of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll never lose an earring again when using these backs, but they are pretty darned good and those who use them swear by them.

I originally stocked LOX in our jewellers after a customer came in raving about them, telling me I MUST get some in. She said she was recommended them and that they were fantastic, she’s never lost an earring since she started wearing them.

So, I ordered some. I have recommended them to lots of customers over the years, and I can assure you I’m probably the worst salesperson in the world – I can’t bear upsell for the sake of another sale and regularly advise customers not to buy but to think about it if I feel they are unsure about a purchase. I want customers to be delighted with their purchase after they’ve bought it. That way, I believe they will trust us and come back again.

I really believe in these earring backs. I always ask customers to let me know how they get on with them and if they find they were helpful or not. I’ve had lots of customers coming back to say how great they are.

  • These earring backs stay on.
  • They are also easy to remove.
  • They are interchangeable, ie you can swap them to wear with any pair of earrings you own.

Great For Children

I have also recommended them for children (although please follow the usual guidance of not giving small parts to children under three years of age). I would go so far as to say these are the best earring backs for children.

They are easy to put on, easy to take off, and feel no different from any other earring. It will prevent your daughter from feeling bad if they lose an earring. You won’t need to worry if they are wearing an expensive pair to a party that a loved family member gave them. It takes the stress out of the whole situation and you won’t need to pass on your anxiety of repeating, “be careful with those earrings”.

Again, I know this sounds melodramatic, but I’m a Mum of two daughters and every tiny little anxiety like this that is removed helps the stress levels.

The Perfect Gift

I can honestly say, they would make a perfect (and inexpensive) birthday or Christmas present for someone who doesn’t know they need them. I can’t think of a better Secret Santa gift or girlfriend present.

Just wait to hear the feedback! (Please let me know, too)


The first and less costly option is LOX.  These are an ingenious invention from an engineer whose wife lost one of her earrings on their driveway one day.  After spending a very long time looking all over the drive for the lost earring and seeing his wife’s upset at not finding it, the husband sketched and subsequently manufactured an earring back design so that this wouldn’t happen again. 

They are called LOX and I have been using them for over three years on my diamond solitaire earrings and they are brilliant.  In fact, I now use them on all of my stud earrings as they are interchangeable between earrings.  

I have bought them for my daughters.

Lox secure best earrings backs
LOX Earring Backs (Silver Tone backs are available)

They come in gold-tone and silver-tone and are hypoallergenic (the metal part of the earring back never comes into contact with your skin, only the inert plastic part does).

They are incredibly secure and have NEVER accidentally come off.  I have put them to the test by pulling tight polar neck jumpers over my head, which I would never normally do, and they haven’t budged.  

To put them on you simply slide the LOX earring back onto the stem of your earrings to the comfortable position. They won’t budge as they grip the earring post very securely.

To remove the earring back simply squeeze the flexible lever on the earring back and it releases the “hold” and the earring back will simply slide off the post. It sounds more complicated than it is and is easily done in a second by how it feels under your fingers.


These earring backs state that they are the most secure earring back, ever, and use a patented technology that says it locks and lifts the earring.  As you slide the earring back onto the earring post, three tiny ball- bearings inside the Chrysmela earring back grip and lock the back onto the post.  To release, you pull back on the endplate and it releases the lock. 

They can be used on any earring post from 0.6 mm to 1.1 mm thick, as the micro ball bearings adjust to fit any size post.  They are hypo-allergenic with any part which touches skin being plated in either platinum, 24k gold or rose gold.  Any inner part is made from surgical steel.  I haven’t tried these for as long as the LOX, so will add to this blog when I have. 

At £50, these are costlier than LOX but are made with platinum or 24k gold on hypo-allergenic surgical steel, rather than the steel and plastic of LOX.  

We truly believe either of these earring backs are a sound investment, although we’ve tested LOX for a lot longer than Chrysmela, and give great peace of mind with a favourite pair of earrings.

If you do try them, please do let me know how you get on with them.  It’s really helpful for me to be able to continue to recommend great things to our readers and customers in our shop.


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