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STORM Watches …the wonderful, unique and iconic.

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Storm Watches

Futuristic Design, Iconic Colours, High Quality and an Affordable Price Tag.

To those who know them, they often describe STORM London watches as iconic, beautiful and collectable.  

They are the one watch brand we have stocked continuously since we opened our shop and they continue to do well. 

In this preview of the Storm brand,  we’ll attempt to explain why customers continue to love and collect this wonderful brand of watches.




Who Make Storm Watches?

It surprises most people to hear that STORM are a British brand.  

Started in 1989, STORM London as a brand wanted to push all the boundaries with their design.  

They make highly distinctive fashion-led ladies and men’s watches.  

The designs are futuristic without being too whacky.  With a superb quality, they had to be taken seriously and were accepted as a desirable fashion watch brand. 


Storm Mk 4 Circuit watch in Slate
Storm Mk4 Circuit Watch in Black

The History of STORM London

Working in retail fashion in London in the 1980’s with his wife Anna Lee, Steve Sun had a big interest in fashion.  But he found it hard to find high-quality watches which suited his finances and also looked great. 

And so he toyed with the idea of designing some watches of his own.  He would experiment with design and colour; enabling the fashion-conscious wearer to change their watch to match their look. 

Steve took his early designs to a few factories, but the designs were so futuristic they couldn’t work out what the designs were! 

So he worked with the factories, creating new methods to bring his designs to life.

Storm New Remi Laser Blue £110
Storm New Remi Laser Blue £110
Storm New Remi Square watch with laser blue dial and revolving discs as hour and minute markers.
Storm Square New Remi Grey £110
Storm ladies watch with lazer blue dial and charms
Temptress Charm in Laser Blue
Storm Ladies watch in Ice Pink with charms
Temptress Charm in Laser Pink
Storm Temptress Watch in black with charms
Storm Temptress Charm in Black
Storm Temptress charm ladies watch with rose gold strap and case and violet dial
Temptress Charm in Rose Gold/Violet

The Brand Name "STORM".

After brainstorming many names in their office, Steve Sun still couldn’t decide on the name of the brand. 

He took his list of names they had come up with on a trip to the factory that was making his watches, figuring he may figure it out whilst on his trip. 

Whilst on the flight to the factory, they entered bad turbulence, so much so that some passengers panicked.  As the plane came out of the rough patch, the pilot’s voice announced over the tannoy they had just passed through a storm.  It struck Steve Sun that the word ‘STORM’ summed up the brand perfectly and so the name STORM London was born! 

Other STORM brands.

Around 10 years after their launch, Storm introduced other lines to the brand; they designed jewellery, glasses, wallets and bags were designed, all in their inimitable style.

Where can you buy STORM Watches?

STORM watches are sold in approximately 45 countries worldwide including plenty of independent retail outlets like ours. 

We stock a large range of Storm men’s and ladies watches in both our High Street shop, Jools, and online on our website at www.Carathea.co.uk.


Who Wear Storm Watches? 

Storm Ladies and Mens watches are the leading British fashion watch brand on sale today.

Those who want leading-edge fashion designs but at an affordable price like Storm watches, particularly with the eclectic colours Storm are so famous for.  Many men love the clever and futuristic designs on Storm watches.

Design-Led Watches

STORM London watch designs are always changing.  Some of their pieces have become iconic, like their Camera watch from 1992. The design of the men’s Remi watch has evolved over the years but remained essentially the same

Storm K-Nine in Ice Blue £110


Storm protect the origin of their designs by intellectual copyrights.  Only genuine STORM watches may carry their seal.


These are very collectable watches! We have customers who have display cabinets to hold their STORM watches!

STORM London really enjoy that they have real collectors amongst their customers.  They encourage customers to contact them to let them know which watch has had the most impact on them. 

 They have a whole page dedicated to it on their website here.

STORM London are always looking for collectors to feature on their website and, should it should feature your photograph and story, they say you could win a STORM brand book and a STORM watch!  If you are interested in doing so, they ask that you email or write to them with a photograph of yourself or your STORM collection, and let them know how many STORM watches you have, the watch started your STORM collection, why you bought it and your favourite watch. 

As Storm discontinue certain designs, so another fabulous piece will take its place, therefore their designs stay fresh and their older designs become collectable


 It is not just the design of the watch they STORM are renowned for, but also the colours.  Their Laser Blue dial has become iconic within the industry and remains one of STORM’s best colour combinations. Unique they get noticed whenever you wear one.  

New colours quickly become firm favourites, like the Lazer Ice, as well as red, green and rose gold. Even with a shirt and jacket, the iconic flash of colour is a giveaway that the watch is STORM. 

Storm Unisex watch with mesh strap and Ice Blue dial
Terelo Ice Blue £99.99
Storm men's watch with yellow glass and mesh strap
Terelo Gold £99.99
Terelo Red £99.99
Storm Men's watch with Laser Blue Glass and black mesh strap
Terelo Slate and Laser Blue £110
Black mesh Storm watch with green dial
Terelo Slate and Green £110


Many of the Storm designs are water resistant and each watch will have the level of Water Resistance they can withstand stamped on the back of the case of the watch.  This can be from 30 metres to 100 metres water resistant. 

Note though, that water resistance refers to how resistant a watch is at the depth of water stated in static conditions.  The faster a watch moves through the water the more likely there will be of water damage. 

Watches with just the Water Resistant stamp on them should still not taken in the bath or shower because of the pressure and heat of the water on the watch. 

Again, water resistance is not permanent and STORM recommend getting your watch resealed every year to ensure it can keep its water resistance or why not have this done whilst you have a battery changed (see below)?


Battery Replacement

We cannot guarantee the water resistance of any watch once we take the back off and replace the battery.  To guarantee water resistancy, you will need the watch resealed each time someone replaces the battery. 

You can return it to STORM London just for resealing (the cost is approximately £10). Alternatively, a new battery replacement and resealing by Storm costs £16*.

Here at Jools we charge £4.99 for a batter replacement.  We do not reseal the watches to guarantee water resistance though. Details of how to send the watch back to us, if you cannot get into our shop in Bridgwater, are here.

Link Removal

All the bracelets can have links removed.  We charge £6.50 to remove links or will do this for free if you purchased the watch from us.  Postage and packing will be extra if we need to return the watch to you by post (details here).  

We can also order extra links which we can add to increase the length of the bracelet as long as the watch is still available. 



We can repair many issues or accidents with your Storm watch.  From a smashed glass (see our blog post on the subject of a broken watch glasses here), to a broken strap or scratched case.  

Prices for STORM watch repairs are here.

The movement of a Storm watch being repaired

Materials Used in STORM Watches


All STORM watches confirm to the European standards for Nickel-free jewellery.  This means that anyone with a nickel allergy is safe to wear STORM watches. The watches have stainless steel backs. 


STORM London uses Japanese or Swiss movements.  We can replace the movement if needed. 

Metals used

Stainless Steel is used in many STORM watches as it is stronger and harder than silver, brass or gold. It is a smooth, shiny metal so looks good and is inert so rarely causes reactions. 

Gold (IP) plating is 21k gold ion plated on a base material. There is also Rose Gold IP and Black/Slate IP plating.  Ion Plating gives a very good coverage which won’t wear off, however, a scratch will cause the underlying layer to show through. 


Ceramic is a beautifully smooth and tactile material which is hard wearing.  It is a heat and scratch-resistant material. It looks great, is hypo allergenic and light and is, therefore, a joy to wear. 


Many STORM watches have crystal glass, and some have Sapphire Glass which is very strong and scratch resistant. 

Regularly a STORM watch will have a domed or curved glass.  Many jewellers dislike changing a battery on these watches as they can pose a risk to the glass smashing if the back needs to clamping.  We carry out all STORM battery changes in Jools, so please bring in, or you can post (details here), any watches you have that need a new battery. 


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