Sphere of Life Birthstone Pendants


Birthstone Pendants ... With a Twist

Are you looking for inspiration for a friend or loved one for their birthday?

If you are looking for a birthday gift for someone which shows real meaning and thought, then these wonderful Sphere of Life birthstone pendants may be just the thing.

From the “cute” range, these pendants are made in 925 Sterling Silver and each necklace comes with a ball of the birthstone of the month inside the little spherical twisted ‘cage’ of silver which hangs from an 18″ silver chain. 

The Birthstones for Each Month

If you are wondering what the birthstone is for the person you want to buy for we have listed below are the birthstones used inside each delightful Sphere of Life pendant from this collection. 

Some of these birthstones are the traditional birthstones and some are the alternative birthstones.

  • January’s birthstone is the beautiful, much-loved deep red Garnet


  • February’s birthstone is the ever-popular purple Amethyst


  • March’s birthstone is the lovely Blue Topaz


  • April’s birthstone is stunning White Topaz 


  • May’s birthstone is the delicate and serene Jade


  • June’s birthstone is delicate and flattering Pearl


  • July’s birthstone is flamboyant and vibrant Cornelian


  • August’s birthstone is strong and clear Peridot 


  • September’s birthstone is the stunning Blue Agate


  • October’s birthstone is the delicate and lovely Rose Quartz


  • November’s birthstone has the feisty, fiery Amber


  • December’s birthstone is deep and rich Lapis Lazuli


So, all the birth months are beautifully represented and it doesn’t stop there…

Stunning Gift Packaging

To add to the surprise and delight, Sphere of Life pendants also come with wonderful gift packaging!  

Each pendant comes beautifully packaged within a silky or organza drawstring bag, beautifully placed inside a satin-lined shiny silver coloured ball.  This is then presented in a box with ribbon and the package is completed with a gift tag – which, on one side, lists the birth month and birthstone, and the other side is free for you to write your own personal message.

The perfect birthday jewellery gift!

Furthermore, we at Carathea are proud to be authorised stockists of the Sphere of Life range.


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