Three Beautiful June Birthstones – Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

June is so special ... it has three birthstones!

The month of June is blessed with having not one, not two, but three birthstones! Only two other months in the year have three birthstones assigned to that month (if you are wondering, the other two months having three birthstones are August and December).


Not only that but June can boast to having three tremendously beautiful stones to signify its birth month. 


The first of the June birthstones is the elegant Pearl, the second is the colour-changing magical Alexandrite and the last, but certainly not the least, is the mystical Moonstone.

What more can a girl want? 

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Pearls suit everyone.


Young or old, a cool-toned complexion or warm, pearls suit and flatter anyone who wears them. 


Pearls have been used in jewellery for centuries, although in past times it was only nobility that used to wear, because of their rarity.


The development of cultured pearls in more recent times means that nowadays real pearls are affordable enough so that anyone can wear the real deal.  


Pearls used to be thought of as only suiting twin-set-and-pearls type of lady, but these days there are many styles of jewellery set with pearls.  From more traditional pieces to contemporary jewellery the range of pearl jewellery is varied and vast.

How a Pearl is Made

A pearl is made within a mollusc’s shell, by an irritant causing the body of the mollusc to secrete a substance in ‘defence’. 


The layers that are formed in response to the irritant decide the iridescence of the pearl. 


Most of the pearls you see being sold today are cultured freshwater pearls. They are cultivated on Pearl Farms by planting a bead or a Mother-of-Pearl within a nacre-producing mollusc and leaving it so that layers are formed into a pearl.

Coloured Pearls

The colour of a pearl can even be adjusted, depending on which sea they came from.  


Pearls can range in colour from white, cream, yellow, blue, green, lavender and mauve.


Indian rose-tinted pearls are particularly prized. 

Black Pearls

Black Pearls are rarely true black but often purple, aubergine, brown, green, blue and sometimes a mixture of colours when they are called ‘Peacock pearls’. 


 A black-lip shell, which is a mollusc which produces black Mother-of-Pearl will also produce black pearls.

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This mesmerising gemstone actually changes colour from pink-red to green depending on what light it is subjected to. 


A very modern stone, it was discovered in 1830, near the Ural mountains in Russia, reportedly on the Tsar Alexander II birthday – hence the stone was named after him.


Miners, who were looking for emeralds, took the gemstone back to camp where they were startled to see that it glowed red/pink near the firelight. In the morning, in daylight, the stone reverted to its green colour again. It was then that the miners realised that they had discovered a new gemstone. 


Russian aristocracy couldn’t get enough of the gemstone and it was eventually depleted from their reserves.


Despite recent discoveries, it remains a rare and expensive stone and is very rarely seen in jewellers windows.


In Russia, Alexandrite is a very good omen, bringing luck and fortune and love into one’s life. It soothes and helps those in despair.


Another gorgeous June Birthstone is Moonstone.


Moonstone is named after its moon-like appearance.


The Roman’s loved the stone and believed it was solidified moons rays!


It is considered to be a very healing stone, it is said by the esoteric world to channel the moon!


Indeed the state of Florida in the USA designated this stone their State Gemstone in 1970 to commemorate the moon landings, which took off from Kennedy Space Centre.


In Continental Europe, Moonstone is actually favoured as the June birthstone over Pearl or Alexandrite.


In India Moonstone is considered a sacred stone where it is often presented as a wedding gift.  


It’s a very beautiful stone and relatively inexpensive so is often used in jewellery making.  

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Trollbeads Grey Moonstone Bead
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Rose Gold Moonstone Ring
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Moonstone Drop Earrings

In the main Moonstone occur in jewellery as cabouchons because this is what reveals the blue sheen – it is much more unusual to see them faceted. 


If a Rainbow Moonstone gemstone is left open and uncovered at the back, it appears milky white. 


If the back of the stone is covered then the stone appears blue, as the blue light is reflected out of the stone, hence Blue  Rainbow Moonstone – this is the same stone but appearing to be a different colour.

Moonstone is supposed to help us tap into our intuition and harness our feminine side.  Helping connect us to our nurturing side, it is therefore said to be beneficial in motherhood. 

For more information you can read our more in-depth blogs on the individual gemstones – pearl, moonstone or alexandrite.

June's Birthstones - Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone
Article Name
June's Birthstones - Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone
The month of June is blessed with not one, not two but three beautiful birthstones! The first is the elegant pearl, the second is the magical, colour-changing but fairly rare alexandrite and the third birthstone is mystical moonstone. All beautiful, this blog gives an outline of all three of June's birthstones.

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