How to Choose the Most Beautiful Prom Jewellery

Portrait of an attractive girl standing and posing on the stairs in amazing gowns after high school graduation.

Your final school year draws to a close before the relative freedom of college or Sixth Form. Your GCSE’s are looming ever closer, you feel nowhere near as prepared as you should be.  And, to add insult to injury, you’ve got the added stress of choosing what you should wear for The Prom!  

Even when you’ve finally settled on a dress you love, there is the Prom jewellery chose. 

You will want to wear some special jewellery which must both suit the outfit you are wearing but not detract from it.

Well, at Carathea we are here to help you simplify your choice. Call it the Prom Style Guide, if you like, but we find it works a treat.

This process is easy to apply for any special occasion. Jewellery for a ball gown, a Black-Tie event, a wedding outfit.

Young woman in black dress and sparkly earrings

Narrow The Choice Down

It sounds obvious and it is but it’s often not what we do!  The best way of choosing anything, not just jewellery for a Prom or other special occasion is by narrowing the options down. 

Too much choice makes it way more difficult! 

They’ve even done studies to demonstrate this fact – Sheena Iyengar ran a famous jam experiment in a food store.  She set a table up with a variety of jam flavours.  Sometimes there were only six varieties, sometimes 24. 

Whilst more people stopped by the table with more on display, those who chose to buy were ten times more likely from the smaller choice on offer, than the larger choice. 

Too much choice paralyses us and we then may end up getting anything out of desperation.

When you’re left with just a few items to choose from, selecting the right piece becomes easier. A final process of elimination with the last three or four items can ensure you settle on the perfect piece for our outfit.

Before you do any of this, though you need your outfit.  Once you have the outfit, the next step is to think about the style of dress you have to narrow down the best pieces of jewellery to match. 

Rack of Prom dresses hanging

1. Decide on the Outfit.

We are assuming you have chosen your outfit already.  That should be the priority.  

If you haven’t you may find our blog ‘What Jewellery Style Are You?’ helpful.   

2. Match The Style of Your Dress

Your Prom jewellery should match the style of outfit without overwhelming it. Don’t go overboard with the jewels, or else you will end up detracting attention from your dress and your face.  

The points you need to consider with your dress are:

If your dress that is big and flouncy, you can push the boundaries a little and match it with some larger, more extravagant-looking.   Use complementary colours to your dress. 

Your jewellery should meet the degree of the flamboyance of your dress but stay the lesser side of it if you know what we mean.

A sequined bodice or a frilly neckline may look better without wearing a necklace or pendant but a beautiful pair of sparkling drop earrings instead.

If you are going to wear a simple, classic dress and then you can go slightly the other way and dress it up with your jewellery. 

Silver Pendant with Opal Swarovski and Flowers
Silver Pendant with Opal Swarovski Crystal
Silver Drop Earrings with Opal Swarovski Crystal
Silver Drop Earrings with Opal Swarovski Crystal

3. Consider the Neckline

Image: DepositPhotos

V-Neck Dresses

Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Pendant
Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Pendant
Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Drop Earrings
Clogau Welsh Gold Tree of Life Pearl Drop Earrings

If your dress has a V-shaped neckline, try wearing a pendant which follows the shape of the neckline. 

The pendant shouldn’t hang from too long a chain or else the pendant will disappear inside the top of your dress.  When you go jewellery shopping pin a little brooch or pin where the top of your dress sits and try the pendant on in the store. 

If it is a pendant and too long, see if you can swap the chain for a shorter one (we regularly do this, and vice versa if the chain is too short, for customers).

Rose Gold Ribbon Amethyst Swarovski Pendant
Rose Gold and Amethyst Swarovski Pendant

Round or Sweetheart Necklines

A rounded or sweetheart neckline will call for a shorter necklace, with a more rounded shape. 

Coeur de Lion Purple Swarovski Crystal Drop Necklace
Coeur de Lion Purple Swarovski Crystal Drop Necklace
Coeur de Lion Purple Crystal Drop Earrings
Coeur de Lion Purple Crystal Drop Earrings

Strapless Dresses

A strapless, shoulder-less dress will look fabulous with a more extravagant necklace or pendant.  Shorter necklaces or pendants look great with strapless dresses.  They can still be in an elaborate or minimalist style  – remember what suits your personality the best. 


Equally, omitting to wear a necklace with a strapless dress is really effective but try, instead, going fancy with the earrings.

Diamonfire Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace
Diamonfire Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace
Diamonfire Graduated Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings
Diamonfire Graduated Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings
Black and white image of beautiful lady wearing little black dress with tiara and pearl necklaces
Image: @ Svetography from Depositphotos

4. Consider Your Hair

If you plan on wearing your hair loose and it is long, then you may need some bigger earrings if you want them to be noticed.

If you are wearing an up-do, you can wear the daintiest earrings and they will still be seen or try wearing a pair of dazzling drop earrings for a great effect.

How Much Jewellery Is Enough?

Should you wear a necklace, a bracelet and earrings?  How much is too much jewellery?  

Don’t feel you must wear all three, necklace, bracelet and earrings.   

If the item is sparkly, colourful or really eye-catching then two of the three is probably all that you need.  

Again, it’s important to consider the outfit you are wearing – an embellished dress may look overdone with equally sparkling jewellery.

Our beautiful Coeur de Lion range is a perfect example of this.  A necklace worn with the matching earrings, or the bracelet worn with the matching earrings, is sometimes all you need, rather than the complete set of necklace, earrings and bracelet.

Coeur de Lion is an exqusite range of jewellery to wear for a special occasion like a Prom, Wedding or Ball. Their pieces are real show-stoppers, which are hand made using Swarovski crystal for eye-catching sparkle and feature the most beautiful colours. 

White necklace of little cubes with Swarovski crystal
Coeur de Lion White Geo Cube Necklace
Coeur de Lion White Geo Cube Bracelet
Coeur de Lion White Geo Cube Bracelet
Coeur de Lion White Geo Cube Earrings

Dripping in Diamonds ... or Maybe Cubic Zirconia

An absolute favourite for a special occasion is, understandably, diamond.  But if you want the look and sparkle of diamond without the hefty price tag consider cubic zirconia. 

A firm favourite with our customers is the Diamonfire brand.  Consisting of a stunning range of silver and cubic zirconia jewellery, including a bridal selection.  Each of the stones they use in their range have been cut with 57 facets, just like a brilliant-cut diamond. 

Because cubic zirconias are flawless and colourless (achieving two of the four C’s used in grading diamonds) this produces a degree of dazzle and sparkle that can only be matched by diamonds.

The range includes simple solitaires to full necklaces. 


Bracelets can often be overlooked when choosing jewellery for your Prom, yet a simple bracelet can complete an outfit even without wearing a necklace.

Coeur de Lion Gold-Tone Crystal Bangle
Gold-Tone Crystal Bangle
Multi-Coloured Crystal Bangle
Rainbow Crystal Bangle
White Crystal Bangle
White Crystal Bangle

Main Image: DepositPhotos


  • New York Times Book Review of Sheena Iyengar’s ‘The Art of Choosing’ book.



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