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How to choose the perfect Trollbeads Bangle size

by Carathea
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Trollbeads Bangle Size Guide

A little helping hand from us at Jools

It can be a little perplexing when, after you have decided which of the lovely Trollbeads Bangles to buy, you then discover that each style comes in five different sizes! 

From Extra-Extra Small, Extra-Small, Small, Medium and Large, which size will you need?

How big or small should they be on the wrist?

How should they look when worn?

Well, worry no more! We are here to help cut through the confusion.

First, let’s look at the sizes available…

Trollbeads bangles with beads and pearl bead on
Sterling Silver Bangle from Trollbeads
Bangle in Plain Silver
Trollbeads Twisted Silver Bangle
Twisted Silver Bangle
Trollbeads Bangle with Prehnite Peacock glass bead and silver bead
Trollbeads Star bangle with ridges going along length of bangle
Star Silver Bangle
Trollbeads Heart Bangle
Heart Bangle
Gold Plated on Silver Bangle
Trollbeads Gold Plated Twisted Bangle
Trollbeads Copper Bangle
Copper Bangle
Trollbeads Twisted Copper Bangle
Twisted Copper Bangle









14 – 16 cm

5.5 – 6 inches

17 – 18 cm

6.5 – 7 inches

19 – 20 cm

7.5 – 8 inches

20 – 21 cm

8.5 – 9 inces

22 – 23 cm

9.5 -10 inches




15 and 16 cm

15, 16, 17, 18 cms

(19 and 20 cm)

21 and 22 cm

23 cm




21 cm

24 cm

31 cm

35 cm

38 cm

A few things to remember, when selecting your bangle size are:

  • The Trollbeads bangle slides on your wrist side-on (ie you don’t need the opening of the bangle to be wide enough to go on over your wrist at the widest part!)
  • You will not wear as many beads on your bangle as you do your Trollbeads bracelet – if at all.  The bangles are designed allow the beads to fill a section of the bangle, with stoppers each side of the beads.

We have found that XXS, XS and Small fit most ladies.  The XXS are really for those with wrists measuring 14cm or 15 centrimentres with few or no beads worn on the bangle.  

Denise, in the shop, who has a 14.5 cm wrist has worn a XXS with three beads and stoppers, although the bangle was very fitted with little movement. 

She already has her eye on a Copper bangle and has said she’ll get an XS this time for a little more movement. You can see how the different size bangles look on her wrist in this video

Elle has a 16 centimetre wrist size and shows you how the bangles look on her wrist. 

Again, XS and Small is more than ample a size for her wrist.

Amy, who has a 17 cm wrist shows you that the Medium and Large are too big for her.  Small is sufficient.

We hope that these video’s help to demonstrate how XXS, XS and Small are perfect for most ladies. 

Trollbeads have made their own video to show the correct sizing of the bangle, which we’ve provided a link to below. 

If you have any suggestions or can help our readers by telling us the perfect size bangle for you, compared to your wrist size, and if you wear with or without beads, that would be very helpful to us all.

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