British Summer Time is here

Time to adjust your watches and clocks!

It’s easy when you know how…

Time to wind forward all your clocks and watches by an hour!

Remember that most watches just need the crown pulling out to its furthest position to adjust the time, and if your watch has a date feature, then pulling it out to the first position will normally adjust the date and the second position for the time.

Sometimes you may find that a watch advances the date in the middle of the day, this is when the time has been set out of syncronisation with the 24 hour clock. Simply advance the time through the midnight position, watching for when the date number clicks over, and then continue until the watch reads the correct time. Remember to go through the 12:00 midday if you are doing this in the afternoon, then set the date as required. Now your watch is set correctly and will keep in sync with the date changing as well.

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