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April Birthstone – Diamond.

by Carathea
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The Birthstone for April is the Diamond

Oh, you lucky, lucky April babies! You are blessed to be born in the month in which the birthstone is the coveted Diamond.

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and it is still the most loved gemstone.

But just why is the diamond, the birthstone for April, loved and coveted so much?

The beautiful sparkle is undoubtedly one reason.

Diamond, once cut and polished, is capable of producing a degree of sparkle that cannot be rivalled by any other gemstone.

But there are plenty of other qualities that diamonds possess that keep it at the top of the gemstone tree, as it were. 

Three gold diamond rings stacked on top of each other
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash


We all know that the diamond is a hard gemstone – it is, in fact, the hardest gemstone.

It is so hard that it is 58 times harder than anything else in nature, and can only be cut with another diamond.

This makes it perfect to wear for everyday jewellery as it retains its polish extremely well.

Diamond rings and especially diamond engagement rings are highly desirable not only for their brilliant sparkle but because they can be worn every day without impairing their brilliance or shine.

A simple solitaire diamond necklace looks elegant and beautiful – a perfect example of less is more.

9ct Gold and 7-Diamond Half-Eternity Ring
9ct Gold and 7-Diamond Half-Eternity Ring
9ct Yellow Gold Open Heart Pendant set with single diamond
9ct Yellow Gold Heart Pendant with Diamond £160
9ct white gold sapphire and diamond oval cluster stud earrings
9ct White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Earrings £385
White Gold Open Heart Design Pendant with Diamonds
9c White Gold and Diamond Set Heart Pendant £290


Even the name ‘diamond’ demonstrates how its strength has been recognised since ancient times.

The word “diamond” originated from the Greek ‘adamas’ which means invincible.

No wonder, perhaps, that the gemstone was associated with protection from attack or poisoning.

The symbolism of it being long-lasting means it is the stone regularly used to symbolise everlasting love and devotion.

Diamond rings are still the most loved and bought rings, especially diamond engagement rings.

Diamonds are tough yet, they can be brittle so can split. It therefore needs a high craftsmanship to cut a diamond.

Cutting a stone to a high brilliance and scintillation is a skilled art, and this has been perfected over hundreds of years by generations of artisans – none more so than with the diamond.

9ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring
9ct White Gold Diamond Ring £435
9ct White Gold 1/4 Carat Solitaire Pendant

Diamond Formation

Diamonds take a very long time to form in nature and only do so under intense pressure, deep in the earth’s mantle, about 100 miles below the earth’s surface. 

The Four C's

The Cut

Image of many different stones illustrating the diamond cuts

The Cut of a diamond has to encompass its proportions, its symmetry and its polish. 

Cutting a diamond is an intricate art, and there are many different types of cuts and the ultimate shape of the gem created (the subject of another blog post).

All are designed to increase the brilliance of the diamond by putting facets into the stone.

The Carat

The Carat of a diamond, or of any gemstone, is its weight. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. If a gemstones weight is under one carat, it is divided into 100 points.

The concept helps jewellers accurately describe to customers the size and weight of a gemstone.

For instance, a diamond can be 25 points which is the same as saying it is a 1/4 carat diamond.

Jewellers describe a gemstone more substantial in weight than one carat in carats, for instance, 1.3 carats.

A selection of coloured diamond-like stones

The Colour

The Colour of a diamond, if chemically pure, is transparent although almost all gem-sized diamonds have chemical impurities in the crystalline properties of the stone which give a coloured hue to the gemstone.

Whilst most people visualise a colourless stone when they think of a diamond, there are many different coloured diamonds.  In fact, diamonds can be almost any colour you can think of.

A yellow hue to what they class as a white diamond can detract from its value. A pink or blue hue (the more intense, the better) can increase its value enormously.

Some coloured diamonds are rarer than the colourless variety (although the other “C’s” need to be taken into consideration – Clarity, Cut and Carat).

The rarest colour in a diamond is red and many diamond experts have never seen a red diamond. 

Until 2017 the most expensive diamond ever sold was a 14-carat blue diamond, the Oppenheimer Blue, sold by auction for the equivalent of $50.6 million in Geneva. 

This was more recently topped by a Pink diamond. 

Clogau Gold Silver and Welsh Gold Diamond set Heart Pendant
Silver & Welsh Gold Diamond Set Eternal Love Pendant £139
Silver and Welsh Gold Diamond set Eternal Love Bracelet
Silver & Welsh Gold Diamond Set Eternal Love Bracelet £99
9ct White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings
9ct White Gold Stud Earrings

More Affordable Diamond Jewellery

Whilst the idea of buying a piece of jewellery with the April birthstone for a friend may trigger a sharp intake of breath, when you hear the April birthstone is a diamond, it actually doesn’t have to be too expensive.

Hot Diamonds produce some beautiful items using sterling silver which has been rhodium plated (just like white gold) and each piece has a small diamond set within the item. It also comes beautifully packaged and so is the perfect girl. There is a range of stunning lockets, or dainty pendants, within the Hot Diamonds collection – none of which will break the bank.

Whilst not as pricey as diamond, this semi-precious stone is often set in gold, but can also be set in silver like this sapphire and silver pendant or matching earrings here, which make it even more affordable.

Hot Diamonds Gentle Pendant with White Topaz and Diamond
Hot Diamonds Gentle Pendant with White Topaz and Diamond
Oval silver locket with central diamond on chain
Hot Diamonds Silver Inheritance Locket with Diamond £95
Silver Infinity Sign pendant with single diamond set in the infinity sign
Hot Diamonds Silver Infinity Necklace with Diamond £70
Hot Diamonds Silver and Diamond Just Add Love Earrings
Hot Diamonds Silver and Diamond 'Memories' Earrings £60

April Birthstone Alternatives to Diamond

It is important to remember that, while the April Birthstone is the diamond, it is also a somewhat extravagant birthday gemstone and alternatives can be selected!

A popular option is to use the birthstone colours.

White Topaz is a gemstone often suggested as an alternative birthstone for April. 

Clogau Gold silver and rare welsh gold with white topaz are much loved by our customers.  Clogau Gold have many designs which include white topaz but the Celebration set is a winner every time.  

Silver and CZ Two-Stranded Open Heart Bracelet
Silver Two-Stranded Bracelet with CZ-Set Open Heart £55
Trollbeads Pink Italian glass Bead with 13 CZ stones set within the glass, called the Diamond Bead, Pink.
Trollbeads The Diamond Bead, Pink. Set with 13 CZ stones. £60

Cubic zirconia and moissanite (both substitute diamonds) again utilise the birthstone colour for April, as does quartz and rock crystal. 

Trollbeads use cubic zirconia’s in a number of glass Trollbeads, as well as some silver beads.  This handmade bead is called The Diamond Bead, because of its 13 cubic zirconia’s suspended in the molten glass.  

There are several colours available, including two blues, black, a white and a rich green

Silver Heart-Shaped Pendant with three diamonds
Hot Diamonds Silver Shooting Stars Pendant with 3 Diamonds £60
Open flower pendant with diamond set in the centre
Hot Diamonds Paradise Silver Pendant with Diamond £55
Hot Diamonds open flower earrings set with a diamond in each
Hot Diamonds Paradise Earrings with Diamond £45
Hot Diamonds Interlocking Hearts Necklace with White Topaz and Diamond
Hot Diamonds Interlocking Hearts Pendant with White Topaz and Diamond £90

This fabulous Sphere of Life April Birthstone necklace with a sphere of White Topaz set inside a silver “cage” is delightful. 

Or the ‘Diamond Life’ Sphere of Life pendant, is just as meaningful for those celebrating an April birthday.

Sphere of Life pendants come with fabulous packaging and is perfect gifting jewellery.  

Silver spherical pendant with white topaz ball in the middle for the April birthstone
Sphere of Life April Birthstone Pendant £44.95
Spherical silver pendant with cut-out flower and central cz stone
Sphere of Life Diamond Life Pendant £44.95

A simple pair of stud earrings, either with CZ, which you wouldn’t know wasn’t diamond, or real diamond if you’re feeling extravagant, can be a perfect present.

Either look fabulous and will be worn for years and years, dressed up or for casual wear they will look equally simple but thoroughly elegant.

Silver CZ Faceted Stud Earrings
Silver Cubic Zirconia Faceted Stud Earrings
White Enamel Daisy Stud Earrings with central CZ
Silver & White Enamel Daisy Stud Earrings £8.95
Silver CZ set open circle design stud earrings
Silver CZ Open Circle Stud Earrings £19.99

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