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by Carathea

Welcome to the Carathea Blog!

‘Cara’ – pure, cherished, beloved

‘Thea’ – a Roman goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with their radiance

Man and Woman posing for camera in Carathea jewellers and Jools store
Denise & Jonathan from Carathea and Jools

Hi! I am Denise and I started this blog site as well as our online store and High Street store.  I have been involved in retail for most of my life.

Carathea is a contemporary family-run jewellers with a High Street shop and an online store, Carathea.co.uk.  

We have been trading in our shop, Jools, in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK since 2006.  We have also had shops in Bristol and Street, Somerset.

Whilst the business was started and continues to be run by Denise, the whole family has been involved at some time or another. Work often continues at home, too! 

Four ladies on a shop floor with Christmas outfits on

My parents opened their first shop when I was around 3 years old.  They gradually built up to 7 shops around Somerset by the time I was 17.  

I seemed to spend most of my childhood in the shops during holidays and after school and was actively working in their shops from age 14. I continued to work for them, on and off, as I grew up until my thirties, in between travelling abroad with my husband’s job and having children. 

I opened my own shop, Jools, in Bridgwater in 2006.  We later opened a shop in Bristol (we introduced the Pandora brand to Bristol) and Street, Somerset. 

My three children have all been worked in the shop and/or the website at some point or another (my youngest daughter, Carly, aged 16, drew the picture of the family shop, Jools, below for our website). 

Digital Drawing of Jools Shop in Bridgwater, UK


Our aim with our website and in our shop is to bring you, our customers, the best products we can, at the price range and quality you desire.  We aim do so in an inviting, welcoming and friendly way so that every customer feels great about their interaction with us.  

We pride ourselves on giving genuine advice and offering an honest service.  We get a real kick out of our positive interactions with you, our customers, whether that is online or in the shop. It makes our day if we’ve managed to help tick all the boxes and fulfilled what you came to us for.   

We deeply value this relationship with our customers.  It is truly the best part of the job.

We remain as passionate and committed to these values today as we did when we started the business. 

Our aim with this Blog is to give us a platform in which we can talk freely about jewellery and watches – not just about the products we sell – but as a way we can continue the conversations that often begin in the shop, (although we’ll leave the political conversations off of this site!).

We absolutely love chatting to our customers and you tell us lots of things about your watches or jewellery that we find equally fascinating.  Denise gets endless ideas for blog posts based on conversations, or questions, with her customers. 

Our goal is to contribute to your knowledge by keeping it informative but, hopefully, fun. We want this blog to be interesting to you and add value.

To that end, we’d love any ideas you may have, suggestions, comments, questions.  We will read every suggestion.  You can message us here if you would prefer to keep it private. 

Our aim is to add value to your knowledge and interest on the topics of watches and jewellery.

As well as stocking high-quality costume jewellery, sterling silver, gold and gemstones we also stock certificated diamond rings worth thousands of pounds.

It’s a diverse range and this brings plenty to talk about in a blog! 

The Content on our Blog

All the content on this blog is written and put together by me, Denise. 

Everything I review we either stock or I have felt, used and tried myself. I research as much as I can myself, talk  further to experts if needed in order to complete as rounded a view as possible and I’m definitely not swayed by commercial persuasion – if I don’t like something I won’t stock it or I will write about it but tell you my honest opinion. 

Ultimately these are my own opinions and you should take further advice if necessary to make an informed decision. 

Denise Finch

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