29 Of The Best Secret Santa Gifts That Your Co-Worker Will Love

A Secret Santa bracelet with meaning card and message

Stuck For A Secret Santa Gift Idea Again This Year? 

Do you ever feel a Scrooge in having to spend money on a Secret Santa present that you guess will probably be ditched by the time your co-worker has reached home after the Christmas Party?

Do you find yourself wanting to take part in the fun of the Works Christmas festivities, but struggle to find something even remotely decent for under £10 or £15 for the gift? 

Well, look no further. 

We have some GREAT ideas that will be loved so much, that everyone will wish that they had received the present that you had bought!

Secret Santa's and Stocking Filler Ideas

Apparently, the average spend in the UK on a Secret Santa present is £9.41¹.  The lovely people from Northern Ireland are apparently considerably more generous with the average spend being £11.46, according to a Mirror poll. 

So it’s no wonder we find it something of a challenge to choose a decent present that our co-worker will like and want to receive.

Let’s face it, none of us wants to waste our money on something cheap and nasty or to buy something just for the sake of it. Ten pounds is ten pounds hard-earned and we can all find plenty of ways our money could be put to good use.  

So here at Carathea Jewellers, we have done the hard work for you! We have found plenty of ideas to whet your appetite for buying the perfect Secret Santa pressie.

In fact, when we looked at all the things we sold for under £15, we had to cut back our list considerably, or this would have been a much longer blog post.  

We’ve divided our gifts into two sections – those under the £10 spend bracket and gifts between £10-£15. 

We have gifts for ladies and for men.  There’s even a gift specifically for teachers (something we regularly get asked for)!

We think you’ll agree that these gifts listed below will make you feel proud to present to your colleague or friend and will be something you would be happy to receive if you were the recipient (the best test of all!). 

Gifts For £15 And Under

1. Joma A Little Secret Santa Bracelet. £14.99

A Secret Santa bracelet with meaning card and message
Joma A Little Secret Santa Bracelet £14.99

The perfect Secret Santa present.  The bracelet comes on a Meaning Card with the message, “This little bracelet is just to say, have a very happy Christmas Day”, and is presented in a box with a tie ribbon.  A gift tag for you to write you message is included in the box.  It’s a perfect Secret Santa present and these bracelets are loved by those who are given them. 

2. Sterling Silver Earring Studs with Cubic Zirconia. £14.99

Silver CZ Round Stud Earrings
Silver Studs with Medium Round CZ. £14.99

3. Spaceform Guardian Angel Miniature Token. £11.95

Spaceform Guardian Angel Glass Miniature Token
Glass Miniature Token Guardian Angel £11.95

There are many sentiments to these gorgeous etched glass Miniature Tokens – please see our full collection here – but we thought this one was apt for Christmas.

Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, or carry in your handbag or just stand them at home or in the office. 

4. Joma A Little Friendship Bracelet

Joma bracelet called A Little Friendship
Joma A Little Friendship Bracelet £13.50

These fabulous little Joma bracelet are incredibly popular, worn by all ages and look great stacked together or worn on their own.

Your friend will love you for this one! 

5. Rose Gold Hoop Earrings £14.99

Rose Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings
Rose Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings. £14.99

Beautiful and very on-trend, these rose-gold on sterling silver hoop earrings look fabulous in the lovely warm tones of Rose Gold.  

There are many hoop earrings to choose from which come in under £15, in silver and in gold-on-silver.  They are hugely popular at the moment being very comfortable, easy-to-wear whilst looking great. 

You can check out our full range here (with many more in our shop).

6. Bristol Blue Glass Little Penguin Sculpture £10.99

Bristol Blue Glass Little Penguin
Bristol Blue Glass Little Penguin Sculpture £10.99

A beautiful sculpture, hand-crafted, in the World-famous cobalt blue glass of Bristol Blue glassware. 


So many people love penguins that these are always a best-seller.  Both men and women love these Bristol Blue glass sculptures so it will be a big hit.

7. Sterling Silver Curb Chain. £8.00-£15.00

Silver Curb Chain 18" long
Silver Curb Chain £9.99

A sterling silver curb chain – one of the most popular links for wearing with pendants.  It is also in one of the most popular lengths, 18″, a perfect pendant-wearing length for ladies. 

8. Rose Gold Plated on Silver Curb Chain. £15.00

Rose Gold Vermeil 18" Curb Chain
Rose Gold Plated Curb Chain 18". £15

Perfect for those who only seem to wear gold, or for those who have warm skin tones, rose gold is very on trend at the moment. 18″ is an ideal length for ladies to wear with or without a pendant on the chain. 

9. Silver Open Heart Stud Earrings £12

Silver Open Heart stud earrings
Silver Open Heart Stud Earrings

This silver-plated necklace features a flower with a central sparkling stone hanging from a chain.  It is presented on its own meaning card which reads, “wear this beautiful flower for all to see, to bring happiness and positivity”. 

10. Silver Sleeper Hoop Earrings £14.99

Silver medium hoop earrings
Silver Medium Hoop Earrings £14.99

A lovely pair of hoop earrings, commonly known as Sleeper earrings, due to the fact they are so easy to wear and comfortably enough to sleep in. 

11. Silver Open Flower Stud Earrings. £ 14.99

Silver Open Flower Stud Earrings
Silver Flower Stud Earrings.

Sterling silver open flower stud earrings.  Simple but pretty and sure to be worn regularly.  

12. Bristol Blue Baby Bird Sculpture. £10.99

Bristol Blue Glass Baby Bird Sculpture
Bristol Blue Glass Baby Bird Sculpture.

Another winner from the wonderful Bristol Blue glassware company.  This cute little bird is sure to melt any heart!

Silver Anklet with Angel Charm Dangle
Silver Anklet with Angel Charm Dangle

Available with this grey cord or also in pink, this part beaded-part cord bracelet from Joma, comes with it’s meaning card and box with ribbon. The message on the card reads, “this friendship bracelet I give to you, because I’m lucky to have such a good friend in you”. One of our best sellers. 

14. UltraSoft Jewellery Cleaning Cloth £7.99

Box with Jewellery Cleaning Cloth in for Silver Jewellery
Ultrasoft Jewellery Cleaning Cloth for Silver Jewellery

This is such a great present which is also a really useful gift.  This jewellery cleaning clother is for silver but we also have one for gold here

15. Joma A Little Widsom Bracelet. £14.50

Joma A Little Wisdom Bracelet
A Little Wisdom Bracelet with Pearl and meaning card. £14.50

A Little Wisdom silver-plated beaded bracelet comes on its meaning card which reads, ” this pearl of wisdom is a precious thing, a little wisdom it does bring”.

Fragrance Lamp oil for those who have a Fragrance Lamp already or have one on their Christmas list. Our bestselling fragrance. £12.50

gifts for under £10

16. Cat - Siesta. £ 7.95

Cat sleeping figurine in black and white - Siesta
Cats de Dubout Cat Figurine - Siesta £7.95

A fabulous Cat figurine – one from the humorous collection depicted by Albert Dubout – of a cat taking his nap.  Comes in a box. 

17. Toe Rings (from a selection available) £5.95 - £9.99

Silver toe ring in a wavy band
Silver Wavy Band Toe Ring £9.99
Silver Toe Ring with Pink and White Crystal Flower
Pink & White Crystal Flower Toe Ring £5.95

Here are just three of the toe rings we sell and they all sell between £5.95 and £9.99 so perfect for Stocking Fillers or Secret Santa’s.  Just click here for the full selection.

18. Dazzle Stick Diamond & Precious Stones Cleaner. £9.99

Diamond Dazzle Stick to clean diamonds and precious stones
Diamond Dazzle Stick to clean diamonds and precious stones safely and effectively. £9.99

The fabulous Dazzle Stick will be something that someone will thank you for later.  It is easy to use – just remove the cap, dip the brush in water, rotate the pen to squeeze a little cleaning fluid onto the brush, clean over your stones on your ring, working into the crevices, wash off and, hey presto you have a sparkling ring again. 

The joy is that this Dazzle Stick doesn’t just work on diamonds but also on other precious gemstones. 

19. Silver Ball Studs. £ 8.99

A pair of silver ball stud earrings
Sterling Silver Ball Stud Earrings

Another jewellery must-have.  Easy to wear, they look great and go with anything. Made in sterling silver these ball studs will be a big hit in any Secret Santa. 

20. Sterling Silver Celtic Stud. £ 6.99

Silver Celtic Stud Earrings
Silver Celtic-Style Square Studs

Pretty and delicate, with a lovely celtic design, these earrings are one of our bestsellers.  An effortless stocking filler or Secret Santa gift idea.  

21. Sterling Silver and White Enamel Daisy Studs £8.99

White Enamel Daisy Stud Earrings with central CZ
White Enamel Daisy Stud Earrings with Crystal.

Dainty, pretty and with a splash of neutral colour to go with anything.  Made in sterling silver and white enamel, these little daisy flower earrings are sure to be a well-received surprise.

22. LOX Secure Earrings Backs (2 Pairs) £9.99

Lox - Secure Earring Backs so that you never lose another earring
Lox Secure Earring Backs in Hypo-Allerginic Stainless Steel. £9.95

These are a seriously fabulous invention and whoever receives these in their Secret Santa will thank you for it afterwards.


We have all lost the backs to our earrings at some point, often resulting in us also losing the earring itself – and isn’t it always the earrings we love the most that seem to get lost in this way?! 


LOX solves this problem but sliding on the earring post and holding tight-shut only releasing when the fitting is gently squeezed, when it will simply slide off the earrings post. 

Ideas For Men

23. Stainless Steel Ring £13.00

Mens Stainless Steel Band Ring
Stainless Steel Ring

Cool and on-trend, a stainless steel ring which is hard wearing and looks great on.  

24. Men's Single Ball Stud Earring £4.99

Men's Single Silver Ball Stud Earring
Men's Single Silver Ball Stud Earrings

For those that have their ear pierced, another ball stud earring will always be appreciated.

25. Stainless Steel 20" Curb Chain. £ 9.99

Mens Steel Curb Chain
Men's Steel Chain 20".

A great chain will be worn again and again.  Made in Steel it is hard-wearing and has a slightly oxidised look which many prefer to bright, polished silver.

Silver Oval Link Chain Necklace
Sterling Silver Oval Link Chain 20"

For those that prefer bright, polished silver this is the chain for them.  It measures 20″ to suit a man’s neck. 

27. Sekonda Classic Men's Watch £19.99

Classic Men's watch with clear numbers from Sekonda
Sekonda Classic Men's Watch

A great Sekonda watch (the best-selling watch brands in the UK) which is now half the recommended retail price. What a fabulous Secret Santa present!

28. And last but definitely not least ... One for all the amazing teachers out there.

We are often asked about Christmas gifts for teachers, something nice that won’t break the bank, so we’ve added a few ideas for you here.

Whilst not strictly Secret Santa gift ideas, they are inexpensive gifts that tick the box nicely for a favourite teacher.

A bracelet on card called A Little thank you teacher
A Little Thank You Teacher Bracelet.
Glass Miniature Token with 'Thank You Teacher' on
"Thank You For Being A Great Teacher"

A fabulous little glass Miniature Token from Spaceform with “Thank You For Being A Great Teacher” in multicoloured letters and with a gold star in the glass. Something any much appreciated teacher would be touched to receive and lovely to keep in the classroom. 

We hope this gives you plenty of ideas to suit most price ranges for Secret Santa’s and to suit many tastes. 

We trust that you agree that none of these gifts are likely to be discarded the moment you are out of sight or, heavens forbid, come back to you wrapped in Christmas paper next year! 

At least if it is, you’ll probably rather like it!  

Enjoy the fun of the work festivities and Merry Christmas!


¹Source: Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/secret-santa-gift-ideas-2017-9373431?service=responsive


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